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Who Is Harry Nutsickle?

Harry Nutsickle is the new face of Testicular Cancer Awareness. Harry is also a Friendly and Fun Prankster Nut. He loves to make people laugh by pranking anybody and anywhere. You can hang him or pose him from his bendable stem. Take him with you to all your favorite places and "Nutsickle" someone today! Prank early and Prank Often. You could save their life!

What is Nutsickled?

Harry's Goal is to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer and make people laugh and smile when doing it. When you successfully prank someone with Harry (aka Nutsickling or Getting Nutsickled) they Have to Pucker Up and Give Harry a Kiss. Give Testicular Cancer a kiss Goodbye!

What is the Nutsickle Challenge?

Harry Nutsickle is on a mission to spread Testicular Cancer Awareness around the world by pranking everyone he can. Let no person be unpranked. Submit your best photos or videos of Harry Pranking with #NutsickleChallenge on our social media channels to be the Ultimate Prankster! Save lives and have some fun in the process! Let the Pranking Begin!