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Get Custom Nutwork


Have that special person you want to prank and would love to see as a pair? Start the build a pair process and purchase our Nuts to You product. Now your on your way to pull off the prank of a lifetime!


After purchasing, you will receive a digital download of instructions and details  regarding where to email your reference image to that you wish to have custom nutwork done on. After submitting all details required, your custom nutwork will begin! YAY!


Your order will be processed and delivered digitally to you at the email address you request. Once you receive the image, You are allowed one revision if you wish to change anything. Please let us know what you would like to see different and then we will resubmit your image to you for your final custom nutwork.

final delivery

  • Your final product will then be delivered to you digitally through a jpg file. Congratulations and enjoy the nuts!

  • Hope you love your Custom Nutwork and have some nutty laughs along with it!